Organic Baby Soap

Mild and Gentle

USDA Organic Bulgarian Rose Valley Product

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With Organic Bulgarian Rose Oil

99% Certified Organic


We know how sensitive baby’s skin is so our Certified Organic Baby Soap is made of the highest grade, pure and mild, certified organic ingredients that effectively clean and soften skin and hair. It is gentle enough even for the most sensitive newborn skin. It is formulated with natural and organic, gentle foaming soap base rich in softening Apricot Oil to moisturize and soften. The soothing and lightly fragrant bucket of Calendula, Chamomile and Rose Essential Oil leave skin and hair nourished and healthy. It is the safe baby, kids and sensitive adults body and hair wash.


It is gentle enough for every day use.
For body and hair.
It does not contain any harmful numbing agents. Please exercise care around baby’s eyes.
For external use only.

Our commitment

- Made in the Valley of Roses
- Handcrafted 100% natural and organic
- 100% recyclable violet glass containers that fully preserve bioenergy
- Paraben- and petrochemical-free
- Lanolin and artificial color-free
- GMO-free
- Animal cruelty-free

Organic Baby Soap
Size: 8.5 fl oz/250ml

Active Ingredients

Rosa Damascena /Organic Rose Oil-Rose Otto/: Refreshes and soothes the skin. This gentle and nourishing botanical extract has toning and astringent effect and possesses strong healing and restoring properties on skin.

Calendula officinalis /Organic Marygold/: For centuries, this plant has been used as an excellent healing aid for wounds, damaged skin and infections. It has strong antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties.

Chamaemelum nobile /Organic Chamomile/: Super hydrating oil that calms and heals skin, and helps cell regeneration. It strengthens, rejuvenates skin and has overall toning effect. Roman Chamomile has exceptional calming and soothing properties and promotes restful sleep.

Rosa Damascena Rosa Damascena
Calendula officinalis Calendula officinalis
Chamaemelum nobile Chamaemelum nobile