100% Pure Therapeutic Grade USDA Organic Lavender Oil

USDA Organic Bulgarian Rose Valley Product
Lavender Oil
10ml (1/3 fl.oz) US$ 12.00
30ml (1 fl.oz) US$ 20.00
120ml (4 fl.oz) US$ 40.00
500ml (16.9 fl.oz) US$ 130.00
1000ml (33.8 fl.oz) US$ 220.00
1500ml (50.7 fl.oz) US$ 315.95
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Our USDA Organic Bulgarian Lavender Oil

The gentle, mesmerizing aroma of our Organic Bulgarian Lavender Oil is one of the most famous fragrances used for aromatherapy, cosmetics and perfumery. The multiple therapeutic properties make Lavender one of the most versatile aromatic plants known to mankind.

Alteya’s Lavender essential oil is certified organic according to the strict USDA National Organic Program standards. Our organic lavender plants are grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or any other harmful additives.

We offer our customers one of world’s most exquisite essential oil, Alteya’s steam-distilled USDA certified organic Bulgarian Lavender Oil, a 100% pure, natural oil that does not contain any pesticide or herbicide residues.

Alteya’s Lavender

Alteya is a well-established Bulgarian company specialized in the cultivation and harvesting of the highest quality certified organic Bulgarian Lavender (Lavandula augustifolia); steam distilling our own organic Bulgarian Lavender Oil, and exporting it to customers all over the world. Our focus is the production of the highest quality organic Bulgarian Lavender Oil available on the world markets. We employ well-known experts who monitor and manage the lavender cultivation, harvesting, and lavender-oil production. Our lavender plantations are certified by the Bulgarian Government-appointed laboratory at the Research Institute for Roses, Aromatic, and Medicinal Plants to ensure our organic essential lavender oil meets and exceeds all International Organic Standards.

Our direct involvement and the strictly controlled process from cultivation and harvesting to distillation, ensure that our lavender oil is one of the very finest on the market -100% pure, USDA, NOP certified organic, free of harmful pesticides and chemicals.

Why Bulgarian Lavender?

Bulgaria is one of the biggest producers of lavender oil in the world. The unique climate and soil conditions in the Kazanlak Valley of Bulgaria ensure that lavender grown here is of the finest quality. The air humidity, cloudiness and precipitation in May, June and July contribute to the cultivation of lavender that yields a very high percentage of premium lavender oil.

Alteya’s experts have spent years in plant and soil research, which helped us establish some of the industry’s finest plantations. We offer directly to your door, the lavender oil previously available only to those traveling far away to the exotic valley of Bulgaria.

Lavender Oil Use

Bulgarian Lavender Oil is known for its calming, harmonizing properties and wide use in cosmetics, perfumery and medicine. It is used in several areas:

  • In Aromatherapy: alleviates the spirits, helps against insomnia and calms the mind, neutralizes stress and anxiety, promotes a sense of happiness. It strengthens and refreshes.
  • Natural Perfumery: fresh and sweet fragrance that blends well with almost any other essence. It becomes more flowery when it evolves. Goes well with rose, peppermint, geranium, clary sage, bergamot, patchouli and ginger. 
  • For Pains and Aches: relieves aches and pains; reduces tension headaches, migraine, PMS, and sunburn; promotes faster healing of burns, cuts, cold sores, blisters, bruises and wounds. Add few drops to any carrier or massage oil and with gentle circular movements massage the affected area.
  • For skin problems: balances and moisturizes skin; fights eczema, acne and other skin problems such as insect bites, psoriasis, rashes and scars.
  • Repels mosquitoes, moths, fleas and other insects.

Dear customer,

Since its founding, our company Alteya has been working hard to provide employment and support to the local population in some of the poorest villages in the Rose Valley and the Balkan Mountain regions in Bulgaria. By purchasing our products, you give a chance for economic survival to more than 300 families who are otherwise struggling to provide for themselves and the ones they love. Our employees are our extended family.

In addition, Alteya actively takes part in initiatives to reduce pesticides damage and strives to excel by practicing organic farming and building a sustainable agricultural model. Our primary objectives are protecting our fragile environment by keeping air, water and soil clean and making products that are pure, safe, and free of pesticide residues.