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USDA Organic Bulgarian Rose Valley Product

USDA Certified Organic

What is certified organic agriculture?

Organic agriculture is a farming method based on generally accepted organic principles. It does not allow the use of toxic and persistent fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, plant-growth regulators, sewer sludge and genetically modified organisms (GMO’s). By using this eco-friendly agricultural method, there is little negative impact on soil life, depletion of nonrenewable resources and air and water quality. ^ Back to top

What does “USDA Certified Organic” mean?

The organic certification process creates a system that unifies the requirements and regulations for all organic producers. For an item/ingredient to be certified organic, it has to be grown according to strictly-enforced unified rules. Certification includes inspections of farm fields, processing and manufacturing facilities, detailed record keeping, and periodic testing of soil, water and raw materials to ensure that all standards and regulations have been met. When buying a product with the USDA certified organic seal, you can have confidence that the product ingredients have been inspected and meet strict and consistent organic standards. ^ Back to top

Why choose USDA Certified Organic products?

Human body responses better to organic ingredients and products that are natural. It has been proven that organic ingredients have superior nutritional values as compared to conventional ingredients (reference Houston Organic Conference 2007). More and more research studies suggest that we need to avoid all synthetic chemicals and ingredients produced with heavy use of fertilizers and pesticides because what we use on our skin eventually goes into our bodies. There is a growing concern about the harmful effects of pesticide residues in our bodies.

In today’s “green” oriented marketplace the terms “natural” and “organic” are used widely and in most cases, incorrectly. Most conventional personal care products, labeled as “natural” or ”organic” are based on ingredients containing synthetic chemicals, toxic pesticides and other artificial residues that eventually make their way through our bodies. Such products have weak healing and restoring properties and might even be harmful to our health.

That is why USDA created a strict standard that draws a rigid line between presumably organic and certified organic products. All certified organic products carry the USDA Organic seal ^ Back to top

Why USDA Certified Organic products cost more?

  • Organic producers, as compared to conventional growers face more challenges and restrictions and have higher costs associated with maintaining and growing an organic crop.
  • Organic farms are usually smaller than conventional farms and as a result do not benefit from the economies of scale enjoyed by the conventional growers.
  • The price of conventional products does not reflect the cost of environmental cleanups and care of the surroundings that consumers pay indirectly through their tax dollars. These negative impacts to our environment and costs are avoided with organic farming and product manufacture.
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Which products carry USDA certified organic seal?

The USDA Organic standard is the most stringent organic regulation in the world. Products that carry the USDA Certified Organic seal are:
  • Based on 100% organically-grown and organically-produced ingredients
  • Or contain a minimum of 95% organically-grown and organically-produced ingredients. Any remaining ingredients must be approved on the National Organic Product list.
We are proud to note that all products in Alteya’s Certified Organic line carry the USDA certified organic seal ^ Back to top


What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is an ancient practice of using pure essential oils and other natural aromas to promote overall health and improve the physical and emotional state of an individual. Aromatherapy could be used as a great healing and therapeutic tool. The healing qualities of aromatic plants are achieved partly by using their molecular structure and physical properties and partly by using their aroma (most volatile molecules) to stimulate emotional levels. Please note that synthetic fragrances and artificial aromatic ingredients do not provide the therapeutic benefits the essential oils and natural ingredients do. ^ Back to top

What are the different types of aromatherapy?

These are just some of the many different methods for using aromatic natural ingredients for healing and emotional stimulation:
  • External application (please seek professional advice as some oils should not be applied on skin undiluted)
  • Using premium personal care products
  • Massage
  • In baths and showers
  • Diffusers (room fragrance)
  • Used in preparing foods (use caution and seek professional advice - some oils can be harmful if digested)
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What should I look for when buying aromatherapy products?

Be cautious! United States does not regulate the use of the word “aromatherapy” on product packaging and advertisements. There are many products out there, marketed as suitable for aromatherapy, but in fact many of them contain large quantities of synthetic chemicals and artificial fragrances. In addition, products labeled as “made with organic and natural ingredients” do not state that they are actually natural and organic. Always look for the ingredient list on the label and for the USDA certified organic seal.

Alteya Organics’ products are 100% natural and USDA certified organic. You can fully benefit from the purest natural aromas and finest organic ingredients. ^ Back to top


Does Alteya Organics use any synthetic chemicals or artificial additives

No. We do not use anything that is synthetic or artificial. We feel it is our responsibility to make the finest and purest natural and organic personal care. All our products are made of 100% natural ingredients without any synthetic chemicals and/or artificial additives. As a result our products are 100% pure, natural and organic and are specifically distilled and/or manufactured to preserve the maximum aromatherapeutic effect of the many highly volatile essential oils they contain. (Artificial fragrances and synthetic substances have no such effect whatsoever.) Enjoy the pleasant scents form nature and rejuvenate. ^ Back to top

How do Alteya Organics products work?

The healing and restoring properties of Alteya’s organic range are achieved in two ways:
  • by utilizing the physical richness of the aromatic oils and botanicals used
  • by utilizing ingredients’ natural fragrance to stimulate and uplift emotional levels
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Are your products suitable for all skin types?

Yes. We make 100% natural and certified organic products and we believe they are safe and suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. ^ Back to top

How long do Alteya Organics products stay fresh and what is the best way to store them?

We are Alteya Organics are committed to quality. We always make small product batches form the finest and freshest ingredients and use only natural and organic preservatives. We have all our products in small amounts presented to you, so that they are always fresh and potent. The special dark violet glass containers preserve the plants’ bioenergy. That way your body can utilize nature’s full potential.

We recommend that you store the products in cool, dry place, away form direct sunlight and heat. ^ Back to top

What ingredients do you use for making these products?

We at Alteya Organics, are committed to providing our customers the highest quality, premium products and always use the very finest certified organic ingredients.

Some ingredients we grow and distill ourselves in our certified organic fields in the Rose Valley in Bulgaria. Others we source form different parts in the world. We always carefully select the most active certified organic ingredients, free of any pesticide or chemical residues. ^ Back to top

Do you use any artificial preservatives or colors?

We only use natural ingredients and have banned from our production facility all ingredients that are artificial. Some of the ingredients in our products, not only have a great effect on your body and mind, but also serve as natural preservatives and keep the product fresh and potent longer. We do not use any artificial colors or fragrances. All our products are 100% natural and minimum 95% certified organic. ^ Back to top

Where are your products made?

Alteya Organics products are made in our manufacturing facility in the Bulgarian Rose Valley The primary ingredients of our products – the rose and lavender used in the certified organic Bulgarian rose oil, rose water, lavender oil and lavender water are grown in Alteya’s own fragrant fields. ^ Back to top


Who is Alteya Organics?

We are a family owned business and an enthusiastic crew who put a high value in what we do. We love nature and its fruits. We value and cherish our friendly work environment and always challenge ourselves to get the most out of our work and experience. Alteya Organics is an affiliate of Alteya Inc and is specialized in the production of certified organic raw aromatic materials and premium aromatherapy products. ^ Back to top

What are your company’s values?

Alteya Organics takes part in an initiative to reduce pesticides damage and strives to excel by practicing organic farming and building a sustainable agricultural model. Our primary objectives are protecting our fragile environment by keeping air, water and soil clean and making products that are pure, safe, and free of pesticide residues.

Our commitment:

Preserve the environment by applying Organic Farming
Organic farming does not allow the use of toxic and persistent fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, plant growth regulators, sewer sludge and genetically modified organisms (GMO’s). By using this eco-friendly agricultural method, there is little negative impact on soil life, depletion of nonrenewable resources and air and water quality.

Premium products for healthier tomorrow
There is growing evidence of the benefits of organic ingredients and products on the human body. Ingredients that are certified organic by USDA are 100% pure, free of pesticide and artificial chemicals residues and are rich in energy. We believe that organic care is the healthier and better choice for everyone.

Social Responsibility and Support
Since its founding, our company has been working hard to provide employment and support to the local population in some of the poorest villages in the Rose Valley and the Balkan Mountain regions in Bulgaria. We give a chance for economic survival to more than 300 families who are otherwise struggling to provide for themselves and the ones they love. Our employees are our extended family. ^ Back to top


Can I order form this website if I live outside United States?

Yes. We provide worldwide delivery. All purchases are shipped directly from our warehouse in Chicago, IL (USA) or from Bulgaria (EU) usually within one business day. This ensures the lowest shipping rates and shortest delivery lead-time. ^ Back to top

How do you ship your products?

Most orders are shipped via USPS, the United States Postal Service (see We also accept special carrier requests (FedEx, UPS, DHL, ect.) for orders over $150. If you want to insure your order, please contact us. For our free shipping offer, we use Parcel Post and First Class Mail. Due to the inconvenience for most of our customers, we ship with "Signature Confirmation" only upon request. For high value International orders, we advise our customers to choose either EMS or USPS Registered Mail. ^ Back to top

What are the shipping rates?

Shipping rates depend on the weight of the order and its final destination. You can compare the different shipping options by adding the desired products to your shopping cart. ^ Back to top

Can I insure my shipment?

If you want to insure your order, please contact for an insurance quote. ^ Back to top

Can I use my own carrier account?

We accept special carrier requests (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.) for orders over $150. ^ Back to top

Do I qualify for free shipping?

All USA, domestic orders of $75 or more enjoy free shipping, excluding Hawaii and Alaska. For Bulgarian Rose Oil only purchases, domestic or international we offer a free shipping option. ^ Back to top

Payment Methods

For online orders we accept the following payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, eCheck, Google Checkout, and PayPal. We process order payments through the payment processing systems of PayPal, Cart32, and Google Checkout - global leaders in online payment solutions. Order payments are usually processed in real-time, however in case of technical issues we may manually process orders that were unsuccessfully processed by the automatic payment system. Your use of our website constitutes an agreement to these policies. ^ Back to top


Hours of Operation

We are open 10 am - 6:00 pm CST Monday-Friday. You can order at your convenience 24 hours a day via our website. You can also fax an order to +1-509-694-9304 or send us an email through our website. ^ Back to top


Orders received after 11am CST are usually shipped from our warehouse on the following business day. Back ordered items not available at the time of processing are sent out as soon as they are available without any extra charge.

Please note that orders are not shipped until full payment has been received. Once an order leaves our store, we are not responsible for damages or loss in transit. By placing an order you accept our terms and conditions. ^ Back to top

Return Policy

Due to the nature of our products, we cannot accept returned items. If an item that you ordered is defective or damaged, please return it for an exchange or merchandise credit. The item must be packed in its original manner. Returns will not be accepted without prior authorization. Please contact us for a return authorization number which must be included in the package that is being returned. If breakage occurs on return because of inadequate packaging no credit will be issued. ^ Back to top


Cancelled orders will be subject to a cancellation fee of 20% or $5, whichever is higher. The cancellation fee on cancelled Priority or Express orders is 25% or a minimum of $10.
Shipping fees are extra to the cancellation fee, if the canceled order has already left Alteya's warehouse. ^ Back to top

Shipping Information Issues

If there is a shipping information issue and the customer is not able to assist us within 30 days, we keep the right to cancel the order (refer to 'Cancellation') or ship it to the customer's Billing/ Shipping address using the basic shipping method. ^ Back to top


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Legal Disclaimer

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